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100% of Donations go to Bright Futures!

A donation towards Bright Futures can make a pivotal difference in helping a student make a positive impact in their lives and in our community. There are many reasons to give to Bright Futures, and not just for the tax benefits (which are great!) Bright Futures offers community members and businesses a rewarding and satisfying experience by giving them an active role in shaping our youth’s career paths.

The Bright Futures team is committed to partnering with businesses in Weld County.  If you are interested in donating to the Bright Futures Program, we would love to talk with you further.  Please consider sending an email to as we would love to meet with you and create a plan for your funding that accomplishes your organization’s needs as well.

As a Member of the Community You Are:

  • Encouraging students to consider a secondary or ongoing education, when they may not have otherwise done so because of financial limitations
  • Helping the next generation become career-ready in an increasingly competitive environment
  • Using the perfect vehicle to “pay it forward” by helping a student find success in the same place you call home

As a Business You Are:

  • Investing in your company’s future by increasing Weld County’s talent pool
  • Developing a strong bond with the community; consumers are more likely to support a business they feel is involved with and cares about the community
  • Positioning yourself as a community leader and aligning with like-minded businesses to keep our community strong

Residents and businesses who donate can receive…

Donating to Bright Futures may allow you a tax credit on the Weld County portion of your property taxes.  To participate in this, mail a check with your property tax account number you would like the credit applied to the Weld County Treasurer’s Office at 1400 N. 17th Avenue, P.O. Box 458 Greeley, Colorado 80632.

If you have questions or would like to work with someone on your maximum tax credit, we encourage you to contact the Weld County Treasurers Office at 970-400-3258.  To view your property tax information please visit Weld County’s Property Portal by clicking here.

Weld County taxpayers that donate to the Weld County Bright Futures Grant Fund will receive 50% of their donation amount in the form of a property tax credit on their Weld County portion of their property taxes, along with State and Federal deductions. Any donation amount is acceptable. Donations from non-Weld County property taxpayers are accepted, but a property tax credit cannot be granted unless the donor pays property taxes in Weld County.

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