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All current Bright Future recipients and all new recipients will be required to complete 8 hours of community service in Weld County, per semester. The timeframe community service hours may be completed are as follows:

For Fall Application: November 1st-June 30th
For Spring Application: April 1st-October 31st 

Any community focused efforts in Weld County will be accepted for the community service requirements. A few suggestions are below and we encourage you to contact our list of community partners also listed below.  If you choose to volunteer at your church or similar establishment, please have all community service be community focused and not faith based.

Suggestions include:

  • Helping at community events or dinners.
  • Volunteering at Veteran based organizations.
  • Helping prep and distribute boxes at local food banks.
  • Completing a community-based project within your Town or City since as park clean up, volunteering at health fairs, or improving a community area. (Check with your Town or City to see if they have projects to help with.)
  • Organizational or administrative support to nonprofits.

Applicants that cannot complete their hours in Weld County can file for appeal within the application process.  Students will be required to upload the below required community service form to their application.

Click here to download the required community service form.

Weld County Organizations
Bright Futures have communicated with the organizations below and they are interested in having students assist them with possible projects.  Please contact them to arrange your community service hours. 

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