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The Bright Futures program was designed with one objective in mind–strengthening the vitality of the Weld County community through its workforce. By nurturing and supporting our young generation, we are building a strong foundation for a stable economy. Understanding the importance of trade skills as well as academic skills, the Board of Commissioners designed the program to financially assist students who pursue post-secondary education or training from an accredited higher-education institution or certified training program. The program is for qualifying Weld County residents who have graduated from high school, GED recipients and honorably discharged U.S. Veterans, after 2016. Qualified and accepted recipients receive financial assistance for pursuing post-secondary education or training from a Title IV accredited higher education institution or certified training program.

There are no restrictions concerning program selection.

Whether a student wants to train to be a chef, a mechanic, an electrician or wants to pursue an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree, they can utilize the Bright Futures grant program to pursue their dream.


Amy Tallent, Interim Executive Director

  • Mike Freeman, Weld County Commissioner
  • Barbara Kirkmeyer, Weld County Commissioner
  • Dale Hall, Chair
  • Weston Kurz, Vice Chair
  • David Thompson, Secretary
  • Rich Werner, Member

The Bright Futures Board Members includes residents of our community who are dedicated to the success of this program for the continued viability of our community and economy. The Board is comprised of a minimum of nine members.

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